The Importance of “Me” Time

August 23, 2014 • In search of self

We live in a world where numerous expectations are placed on us. Our bosses expect us to give 110% at work. Our children expect us to give them huge chunks of time. Our spouses expect us to give them quality time. Every major stakeholder in our lives wants more and more of our time. If we aren’t careful we may end up giving so much of our time to others and have less time for ourselves.  You may be wondering “Why is me time so important?” The answer to this question centers on two concepts: recharging and reflecting.


Several years ago there used to be a popular advertisement for Energizer batteries. These ads featured the “Energizer Bunny” powered by a pair of AA Energizer batteries. The bunny moves with great life and energy when the batteries are fully charged. However, when the batteries begin to lose their charge the bunny begins to slow down until it comes to a complete stop.

We are all like Energizer bunnies.  After giving so much of ourselves to others, there comes a time when that energy begins to wane. You may find that you are getting sick more often or you’re always tired. These are some of the warning signs that you should pay attention to because they tell you that it’s time to recharge your batteries.


“Me” time also allows you to reflect.  Now when I say reflect I don’t mean that you should focus on your regrets and how difficult your life is. Instead, you should reflect on the positives of life and how you’re going to accomplish your dreams. You can also reflect on your mistakes and make plans to improve so that those mistakes don’t recur.

The importance of “me” time is undeniable. However, with our hectic schedules it can be very hard to find some quality alone time. So, how can you create more “me” time with your hectic schedule?

Close Your Door

Sometimes we just need to lock people out for awhile. When you come home from work just close your bedroom door for 5 minutes and take a breather. Explain to your children and spouse that you just need 5 minutes. You would be surprised by how these few minutes can help to revive you.

Leave a Bit Earlier

Trying to leave a bit earlier for work can also help to give you some quality alone time.  Leaving earlier allows you to miss rush hour traffic so that you can drive a bit slower and clear your head. It also allows you to be at work before most people. While in the office, you can take some time to reflect and recharge your batteries before the rush of the day.

 Dedicate a Day for Rest

Some of you reading this article may be atheists. However, there is one important principle taught in Christianity that I believe everyone should adopt- the importance of a rest day. When God created the earth he worked for 6 days and rested on the 7th. If you work every day of the week for 365 days a year then you are bound to burn out. So, try to set aside one day a week to just rest, recharge, reflect, and be with your family. You’ll see the benefits in the long run.


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