The Illustrated Encyclopaedia of Dreams

September 26, 2013 • Book Club

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The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Dreams by Anna Fornari, Emilio Rombaldini, Lynn Pickett

Book Review

Why I bought this book

This was actually a very interesting charity shop find. I very often go prop rummaging in charity shops for my various photo-shoots and little ideas that I want to depict. So it was on one of those trips that I came across this book. It was pre-loved and for some reason it just stood out at me from the shelf.

I have always been interested in dreams and the meanings behind dreams. I was also curious about developing first the ability to remember dreams and then to move on to having lucid dreams. So when I saw this it was just like a lightbulb went off in my head. I had to have it.  Plus it was next to nothing pricewise so that helped too.

What I liked

It is laid out so that there are keywords of items you have dreamt of. And that is helpful say if you have dreamt of an object such as a hand, or a lily, or some other tangible object. It also has actions or activities, so if you dreamt you were flying, or swimming in water you can just look up any number of keywords associated with it. It even has emotions or sensations, so if you felt sad, or you felt fear, or cold, you can just look it up and you will be bound to see something there.

Not just that though, it is laid out quite clearly with images which are handy if you like the visuals. This book is from 1991 though, so don’t expect them to be modern and snazzy. But I think what the authors have on point in this book is the meanings behind dreams. And that is timeless.

What I didn’t like

Not much really. As I said it is an old book, so I can imagine there are some things that I haven’t thought about that are not included in the book. But most of the dreams I have remembered I have found a reference to somewhere in the book. Awesome!

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