The Education of girls in Egypt

October 14, 2013 • Current Affairs

The Education of girls in Egypt
Author: Menna Saeed

Education is indispensable, especially for a developing country like Egypt; which needs scientific, technological, social and economical progress.

Egypt has so many contradictions though.

In this article I’ll talk about the inconsistency related to girls and women’s educational life.
Most of the girls in Egypt are born and raised to be only a house wife in the rural areas of the country, where education is not that important, the parent thinks why would I spend money on education? She’ll soon get married, get pregnant and all her time will be consumed in taking care of her children, and these parents actually prepare their girls for marriage from a very young age! It is not uncommon to find girls married at the age of 16 to 18 and this girl’s life – and I am not exaggerating when I say girl – will be all about her husband and kids.
The problem is the majority of these girls have so much potential and they really want to complete their education or do something special in their lives besides being a house wife, but they’re under the oppression of their also uneducated parents.
This leaves us in a vicious circle because producing a generation thinking like that will lead us nowhere. Sometimes we find some of the parents who didn’t like that oppression they were under started being positive about the situation allowing their children to complete their education, and their children actually did a really good job, but since the government pays no significant attention to this issue, it is left to parents with positive attitude like the ones mentioned and us, the young people who want to change their country to do the best they can.

On the other side – in the civilized side of the country – girls are brought up to be successful independent women with a bright future. Education is valued and is considered a must.
And that doesn’t mean that they don’t become good parents or perfect house wives like what the parents in the rural areas think, they are actually way better, no one can deny that an educated mother is the right choice to raise your kids.
Besides women are known to be multi-tasking, so it is not an obstacle in her way of becoming a good parent and house wife and also be educated.

As you see, the contradiction is clear and it requires great effort to change the mentality of the people in the rural areas to be more accepting to the fact that education is necessary for the girl, even to help her raise her children in the best possible way, not to be completely dependent on her husband and deal with her life and not be deceived .
In the end, I wish to see Egypt taking the right steps towards a brighter future for the generations coming and make these generations proud of being Egyptians and give Egypt the best they can offer.

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