The Art of making Love

September 6, 2014 • Dating and Relationships

Sex. Raw and beautiful sex.  Many people believe that sex is the foundation of a relationship.  Without sex, the relationship falls apart. This raises one question in my mind “Is it sex or the ability to create true love that holds a relationship together?”  The physical act of sex is raw and satisfying. However, when sex becomes the art of making love, it is a soul-tying experience that brings a couple closer together. So, how can sex be transformed into a love making experience?

Don’t be a Selfish Lover

This point is applicable to both men and women. A relationship involves two people who have differing needs.  So, it’s important for you to understand the needs of your partner. Talk to him about it and see how best you can satisfy those needs. If he wants you to do something that you’re uncomfortable with, let him know. It may be possible for you both to come up with a compromise.

Connect With Your Partner

A relationship that is based solely on sex is a weak relationship.  People who are in a relationship should be able to connect with each other physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  This type of connection requires you to be able to communicate effectively with your partner. You should understand his interests and he should understand yours. You should also be able to have fun together. These deep connections can allow you to have incredible sex when the time is right.

Understand Your Body

Understanding your body is an important aspect of the love making experience. The more you connect physically with your partner is the better able you’ll be to understand what your body needs. You’ll know how and where you need to be touched. You’ll also know when you need him to be rough and when you need him to be gentler. As you understand your body, you can help him to understand it as well so that sex is transformed into a love making experience.

Be Careful Who You Commit To

Since you want your relationship to be more than just sex, you have to be very careful about who you commit to.  If you commit to someone you know isn’t right for you, chances are you won’t be able to fully experience the art of making love. Yes, the sex may be amazing but if there is no real connection with the person then it isn’t worth it.

Work Through Disagreements

Disagreements are a part of relationships. The two people who are in a relationship are different so they won’t agree on everything. Making love is much more than having “make up” sex after a disagreement, however. It requires actually dealing with the problem and coming to an amicable conclusion.  Going through this process helps to strengthen the relationship and also makes sex even more meaningful.


So, how can you transform the love making process between you and your partner? Make an effort to understand his needs, help him to understand yours, connect with him, ensure that your relationship isn’t only about sex, and work through your disagreements.

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