Some home truths about our bodies’ natural defences

June 6, 2014 • Diet, Health Matters

What is going wrong? Why hasn’t our detailed knowledge of the immune system enabled us to enhance our body’s defence mechanisms in a sustainable way? In the process of developing ever more powerful means of attacking and destroying micro-organisms and cancer cells, have we lost sight of the need to strengthen our innate protective systems and nurture our inner environment?

In the early 1950s, with antibiotic therapy, general vaccination programmes, radical cancer surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy moving into the medical front line, it seemed clear to most people that scientific know-how was going to provide more effective solutions to disease than old-fashioned naturopathic methods designed to encourage the self-healing processes. Now, 50 years on, we are faced with the spectre of malaria and tuberculosis on the rise once again, new strains of drug-resistant superbugs outwitting our most powerful technologies, vaccinations that may harm as well as protect, a rising incidence of cancer and the engulfing tide of collapsed immunity that is AIDS.

History suggests that, when things go wrong, human beings have a tendency to continue doing what doesn’t work – only doing it harder. Despite valuable short-term tactical advances in the management of infectious disease and cancer, we are signally failing in our strategic goal of improving world health in a sustainable manner. This is because we have attempted to usurp the power of the natural world, attacking it with crude weapons and losing ourselves in a maze of technical detail, instead of working with nature and doing everything we can to enhance the natural powers of healing and self-defence.

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