Social Media Marketing for Dummies by Shiv Singh

September 26, 2013 • Book Club

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Social Media Marketing for Dummies by Shiv Singh

Book Review

Why I bought this book

In 2010 when I decided to start online marketing I signed up to a few forums online and started reading around. Around the same time I also bought this book. It was one of my first purchases in the realm of social media marketing. Yes I had a facebook and a twitter account, but frankly I had no online marketing strategy and really no idea on how to best utilise the internet to make me money.

What I liked

This book makes a pretty decent attempt to break down really daunting marketing schpiel and say it to you in layman’s terms. You quite quickly pick up on key things like learning the drivers behind people actually making a decision to engage with a product, how to find and measure blogosphere activity, how to make the most of forums and message boards, as well as finding who your audience’s influencers are and why they matter.

It makes a pretty strong argument for remembering the core principles of marketing. In all honesty I had never studied any sort of marketing so this was all pretty new to me. But pretty useful let me tell you. What it highlights is that any kind of marketing is essentially looking at human behaviour and why people engage. And what you need to do is research your target audience using relatively conventional methods. Even if you are doing so online. And then, when you know what they are looking for you should aim to place yourself so that you resemble what people are looking for.

What I didn’t like

This book is great as an overall read, but if you are looking for an action plan to start you off then this book is not literal in that sense. It gives you the meat of what you need to know. But you need to make the ‘meal’ so to speak for yourself. That said though it might be a good thing that it gets you thinking about what the possibilities are so that you can start to formulate your own plan. Right?

Another downside, maybe not so much with this book but with any book that deals with social media marketing. The internet is constantly changing. As we all know the traditional way of marketing is constantly being reshaped. Other players are coming to the fore, other things that I have discovered since reading this book and maybe even some things that work offline. How people access the internet, the viral capacity of content on the internet, as well as user-generated content is not taken into account so much in this. So that it would be useful I imagine with a book like this to maybe have an online version which is updated more constantly and people can become members to access this information.

Just a thought.

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