She is divorced so she is no use

October 13, 2013 • Current Affairs

She is divorced, she is no use!

Author: Menna Saeed

In the Egyptian and Arab society, the woman’s first and in some cases only priority is her husband, kids and house.
Regardless of the woman’s needs she is asked to be obedient to her husband and she only has one life and this life would be with this man forever, of course this is beautiful sharing your life with a man that will cherish, love and respect you forever.
But what if the husband turned to be a vicious man and intolerable, and I am not talking about the ordinary man who has his ups and downs, I am talking about when the life with this man could be suffocating his wife, he could beat her severely only because he wants to or he’s not in the mood or any other reason, but there is absolutely no reason for a man to hit a woman no matter what.
Other men when they get married think of their wives as their own property, so their wives are not allowed to talk to other men under any circumstances, or they are not allowed to go to work or any other activity outside the house and in other cases she can’t go out of her house alone. That husband will tell her she needs to be escorted by him and she can’t wear make-up so she won’t draw the attention of men in the street. If she disobeys him and does anything like that she’ll be punished. But even if she obeyed him in all that, she might still not get any kind of appreciation, as if the normal thing is to have no life and if she rebelled, then shame on her and she is not appreciating that he’s sheltering her and feeding her!
The husband could be lying and cheating, and the wife should bear that and try to live with it and ignore it. Divorce is not an option. WHY? Because if she chose to get a divorce and get a life she will be facing many obstacles like what will she do with the children? She can’t support them on her own especially if she isn’t working and she’ll become a burden to her family that won’t be able to support her and her children. The most important reason is how the society will look at her; they will see her as an irresponsible and reckless person who doesn’t have the right to have a life with another man and around 90% of men would never consider a divorced woman to get married to, even if she had no kids. Because to him and the society, she is no good anymore and she is incapable of taking care of her husband and children, regardless of what she had faced with her first husband.

But the majority of women who are divorced are now proving to the society that they were completely wrong about them and manage to have a happy life with her kids or with another man. There are isolated cases where women are showing; through their actions, that they can have a life after divorce.


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