Retirement: finally getting the time to do what you always wanted? Or just another depressing reminder that the end is nigh?

October 31, 2013 • Retirement


Retirement: finally getting the time to do what you always wanted? Or just another depressing reminder that the end is nigh?

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You are a woman in her 50s or beyond. For the past 30 years or so you have been working but now you find you will no longer need to. A sudden change in habit can cause void and emptiness. Remember those hard times at work that made you want to change your job, well now is one of the few moments where you love your work more than ever and you just wish you could continue working. Retirement is unquestionably a major change in our lives. In the past this transition was considered as “the beginning of the end”, nevertheless the concept is changing. According to surveys from Charles Schwab, people are increasingly seeing retirement as an exciting renewal phase of their lives.


Unlike the old days, retirement now acts as a transition between full time work and a new period with more flexibility. An alteration in lifestyle offers a wide range of options and choices. One could relax and take this post-work period as an opportunity to enjoy the products of their working years. Because what is the purpose of working if you don’t get to feel the joy of it? You have been working hard for years, now is the time to concentrate on yourself. Use this time to follow your hobbies which you once dreamed of but have left them dusty and buried away in some corners. Many retirees travel, take skill classes, participate in leisure activities, do sports, and have fun. It is all up to you to decide what dreams to chase and how to chase them.


Moreover, a large number of retirees have chosen to continue working either in the same field but as a consultant or, in most cases, in a different industry. Usually it would be the field of their dreams, something that they longed to do but never actually had the chance to go for it. These people prefer to start a new exciting stage of their life. The new job allows them to fulfil their old dreams, meet new people, socialize, or to keep earning money. Most importantly it gives the retirees a sense of self-actualisation and achievement.


However, in order for retirement to be a smooth transition rather than a harsh drop from above, one needs to be well prepared, both financially and spiritually. Save and invest your money wisely while you are still working so that you would have a large sum by the time you leave your work. In addition that, if you have plans for a post-retirement career, then don’t wait too long to register for classes and career courses, or taking on another degree during the evening after work. By doing so, you will be well-equipped to start your new career right after you retire.


In short, one should tackle retirement with a spirit of self-reliance and eagerness to take on new challenges. Retirement offers us an opportunity for self-discovery and self-development, for the re-evaluation of how we choose to live our lives. Retirement would surely be a fantastic adventure to look forward to if you prepare yourself properly for it.

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