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January 31, 2014 • Current Affairs, Domestic Goddess, Gardening, Random, Reader's Corner, Share your essays, Success stories, Your pics

Just a quick message so you are all aware. This will not affect all of you, but we have been getting loads of spam looking posts trying to filter through our system.

If you want to share a story with the community we really want you to do this! But remember we have to keep it fair to every one. So there are rules that we have in place so that everyone can enjoy the site without having to wade through tonnes of confusing articles.

If in doubt refer to the Terms of Use on this page.

Just as a brief overview so you are aware:

1. Please make all your posts relevant to the readers of this site.

2. Please only post in English.

3. Please do not insert affiliate links or any other links not referenced by the subject you are talking about.  We do proofread all submissions before approval so anything employing black hat tactics or ‘sneak attacks’ will be deleted and your profile risks being removed and blocked.

4. Please do not post plagiarised content. If we suspect your content is not genuine or seems too ‘spammy’ we will Copyscape it and double check. Take the time to create content that people will enjoy, and if you are sharing a post from another website that is fine too. Only as long as you reference that site fully so we can link that article back to them.

5. Do not post anything that is deemed NSFW (Not Safe for Work). If your boss would cringe at the sight of your post chances are we will too. Keep it clean please.


If in doubt then all you need to do is just ask. Email and we will be happy to clarify.


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