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December 24, 2013 • Dating and Relationships

Mother-In-Law Spells Woman Hitler

Author: Christine McLean

Have you ever watched Monster-In-Law? I think it is one of the most hilarious movies Jennifer Lopez has ever starred in. The movie features Charlotte (played by Jennifer Lopez) as the doting bride-to-be who has to face a mother-in-law, Viola (played by Jane Fonda), who is intent on ensuring that this woman does not marry her one and only son Kevin (played by Michael Vartan). The drama that unfolds is one that leaves you to wonder….is this man really worth it? Nevertheless, Charolette survives the hell her mother-in-law puts her through and gets married to the man of her dreams. How many of you reading this article have experienced the same fate with the one woman your man loves more in this world than you? I think that we can take some tips from Charolette to deal with our own female Hitlers.

Be Completely Certain that He Is “The One”

After many years of searching and many bad relationships, Charlotte believed that she had found the perfect man for her…Kevin. She was by no means giving that up. Regardless of how much her mother-in-law to be hated her.

You have to know how much you want to be with this man. If you are doubting your relationship with him then he may not be the one for you after all. When we want something badly enough, we go after it regardless of the cost. You have to feel the same way about your man.

Learn to Play Her Game

Charlotte reached her breaking point and wanted to give Viola a taste of her own medicine. So, she did things like give her sleeping pills and wreak havoc in her home. Now, I’m not saying that you should go to the same extremes but you can do things to let her know that you realize that she is trying to create a rift between you and your man.

Talk to Your Man

Charloette eventually made Kevin know that his mother was up to no good and although he did not fully believe her, he keenly observed his mother’s actions. He eventually confronted his mother and realized that she was afraid of losing him. So, he encouraged her to learn to let him go and assured her that he would be there for her when she needed him. Let your fiancé know that you have suspicions and he may be able to deal with the underlying issues that are causing your mother-in-law to be to behave the way she is.

Develop a Relationship

Towards the end of the movie, Charloette developed a positive relationship with Viola. They may not have been best friends, but they could at least be civil to each other. After you have gotten through the walls, spears, bows and arrows that your mother-in-law has aimed towards you, it is time to forgive her and learn to understand and appreciate her. She will always be the most important woman in your fiancé’s life so it is crucial for you to develop a healthy relationship with her.

Yes, mother-in-laws can really be female Hitlers but it is important for us to understand that they are looking out for what they believe are the best interests of their sons. The bond a mother has with her child is unbreakable…understand this and your female Hitler can become a good friend.

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