Is the Sky Really Blue? How to see the bright side of things even when life is against you

May 15, 2014 • In search of self

Thoughts have the power to transform our lives. However, the prevalence of bills, family issues, difficult people, and emotional turmoil can create a sense of gloom in any individual.  Furthermore, when things don’t happen the way we want them to, we can easily become disheartened.  Life will never be perfect and in the times of imperfection we may begin to wonder if anything positive can come out of what we’re experiencing. In other words, is the sky really blue?

Emergent Hope

On dark days, the sky is shrouded with grey clouds that block out bright sun light.  When the dark clouds pass by, however, a beautiful sky is revealed. Similarly, the trials of life won’t last forever. There is always hope, but the moment we give up hope is the moment our worlds fall apart. Are you able to see the blue sky behind the dark clouds?

Embracing Joy

On bright sunny days, especially in the summer, the sky is a beautiful shade of blue and is filled with several types of clouds. When I was younger, I enjoyed looking at these clouds and attempting to decipher the shapes they created.  To me, these shapes added humor to the sky. Similarly, there is always something positive to be gleaned out of any situation. Focus on the positives and embrace the joy and fun that life has to offer.

See the Rainbow

Biblical history indicates that God had created the rainbow after the great flood as a sign of His promise to never destroy the earth in that way again. A rainbow is a sign of a promise that is kept. What promises do you need to keep to yourself? Is there an addiction you need to get rid of? Are there negative thoughts and actions that you need to eliminate from your life? Create your promises and keep them.


Despite the trials of life, hope and joy are always within reach. Don’t give up on life or become frustrated by your circumstances. Instead, promise yourself that you will release negativity and embrace positivity. Will you look beyond the dark clouds today?


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