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May 19, 2014 • Agony Aunt

When it comes to jewelry, I suppose my tastes are a bit eclectic. I’m not a fan of diamonds, or any other precious stones, and while I find silver tolerable, I think gold is absolutely ugly, largely because it makes my skin look yellow. I still like jewelry, especially bracelets, but finding items I like is quite an ordeal because most jewelry sites and stores that I have found are all shiny metal and expensive stones and frankly, I find that boring. I had all but given up hope of finding anything I would ever really like enough to buy, but then I discovered is a website associated with National Geographic that provides an online global market to individual artisans and groups of artisans around the world and operates on the basis of fair trade. The producers who work with Novica are largely local craftspeople without access to a wide market, which limits their ability to grow and expand their business, thus lowering their profits and undermining efforts for financial stability. Through Novica, they are able to reach a much larger clientele while maintaining their autonomy—they are not hired by the company, do not have quotas to meet, they set their own prices, are able to choose the currency in which they are paid, and are aware of the retail pricing of their products.

For consumers, Novica offers a unique selection of jewelry, clothing, home décor, and paintings at decent prices with the knowledge that their purchase supports individuals working for a fair wage. I’ve only ever bought jewelry from there, so that’s the only product with which I have direct experience, but everything I’ve ever purchased has been gorgeous and well made. The pieces come in several styles and utilize a wide variety of gemstones in a rainbow of colors. Some even use beads made out of paper. As a testament to the wide selection available, I’ve picked out a few of my favorite pieces and showcased them below:

Urban Colors

Titled ‘Urban Colors,’ this beaded bracelet is made with unakite, dyed quartz, and brass beads by Tiraphan Hasub of Thailand.

Violet Twist

This particular piece is called ‘Violet Twist,’ and is made with silver and amethyst by Adriana de Gadea of Peru.

Purple Sun

This is a sterling silver and purple turquoise necklace entitled ‘Purple Sun,” and is made by Aparna of India.

Moon Flowers

Entitled ‘Moon Flowers,’ this sterling silver and pearl ring is made by Kadek Hendra of Bali.

Of course, that’s just the jewelry. There’s so much more to discover:

Ruffled Green

This adorable skirt, called ‘Ruffled Green,’ is by Neha Sharma of India.

Grape Combo

This alpaca wool throw, called ‘Grape Combo,’ is by the Yurivilca Family of Peru.


This oil and acrylic painting entitled ‘Journey,’ is by Prince Asher of Ghana.

These are just a few examples, so if you’re in the mood for something different and original, head over to and check out their selection. Be prepared to wish you had more money to spend.

(All images taken from Links to their pages can be found in the descriptions below each image.)

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