How to Know When You’re Ready for Love

August 22, 2014 • Dating and Relationships

When I was a teenager, love was a word that was thrown about meaninglessly. In fact, my peers used to say that “Love is a feeling that you feel when you feel a feeling that you’ve never felt before.” Makes no sense right? Oftentimes our perceptions of love either lead us into relationships that we never should have gotten into or cause us to make too many mistakes. So how do you really know when you’re ready for love?

You Understand What Love Means

This may seem like the most obvious answer, but it is probably the most important. If you think that love is about having your needs met and having someone make you feel good all the time, you have the wrong idea. It will certainly be true that your partner will make you feel good and give you butterflies. However, there will be times when the relationship struggles. You have to be able to understand that you should be willing to make your spouse feel good just as much as you want him to make you feel good. You should understand that there will be times when you will have to make sacrifices. You should also understand that there will be times when you have to stay committed even when it’s very hard not to. When you are able to realize that love is much more than a feeling, you’re on the way to being ready for love.

You are Secure in Who you are

Insecurities tear relationships apart. When you are constantly telling your partner that you’re not beautiful, he may begin to believe what you’re saying. He will also become frustrated and begin to grow distant.  If you aren’t confident in who you are he can’t be confident for you. When you are more secure in who you are and what you have to offer, you can focus more on giving your man the love he deserves.

You Understand that a Relationship is a Partnership

In a relationship that is filled with love no partner is dominant over the other. Each partner plays an equal role in issues related to their family. No one feels left out or unappreciated. No one is a silent partner. When you have gotten to a point where you realize that your relationship is about creating a partnership instead of creating control, you are the right course to experience love.

You Are Willing to Encourage Your Partner

People in love help to build each other’s dreams. Each person in the relationship is able to grow because of the other person in the relationship. Encouraging your partner means that you have to be willing to listen to him and provide him with the support and direction he needs. Communications becomes crucial.  When you’re able to communicate effectively without being fearful, you are probably on your way to experiencing true love.

Very few people experience true love in their lifetime. Hopefully you will be able to live that experience with the right person.

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