Hosting a Good House Party

August 3, 2014 • Agony Aunt

Last weekend my cousin threw an amazing house party with some friends he had from as far back as the late 1970s. Observing how he prepared for the party has given me great insight into how to host a great house party.  The people who came enjoyed it so much that they are already making plans to have it again next year! The magic ingredients that make an awesome house party are the three f’s: food, fun and family. Each of the tips that are listed below incorporate one or more of these three basic ingredients. Think of these tips as ingredients to your favorite bowl of soup. Each component is necessary for the soup’s flavor and texture. Similarly, all of these ingredients must be a part of your magic formula in order to host a good house party.

Have Enough Food

My cousin greatly emphasized this point- no one should leave your party feeling hungry. So, it doesn’t matter if you are cooking or hiring a caterer; there must always be an abundance of food. This means that you need to have a rough idea way ahead of time of the number of people who are coming. Whatever number you have, prepare food for double that amount of people. So, if you plan on having 40 people at the party, prepare food for 80 people. Once the food is good it won’t go to waste and people will gladly take it home for dinner the next day.

You should also offer a variety of foods. You may not know, for instance, if someone is a vegetarian and would therefore be unable to eat meat. Always plan with an open mind.

Work With a Theme

This may not always be necessary but having a theme can create quite a bit of fun. For my cousin’s party there wasn’t a stated theme, but the fact that most of the people there were Jamaican and the food and music were Jamaican makes it safe to say that it was a Jamaican party. Whatever theme you use usually has to be incorporated in the food and the music. So, choose wisely. Unless you’re having a crazy tie party…that’s an entirely different story.

Remember Your Audience

Plan your party with your guests in mind. A party for your friends would be very different from a party for your boss and coworkers. The music and entertainment should fit your target audience. For instance, at my cousin’s party he played a lot of old school Jamaican music that everyone could relate to. Imagine if he had played Nikki Minaj or Beyonce. His guests would be wondering what flew into his head.

Make Everyone Feel Welcomed

Although you are going to be running all over the place, it is important for you to take time to greet your guests. Give them a beer, take them to a table where they would feel comfortable, and help them have a good time. No one wants to go to a party and feel awkward or lonely.


So, the next time you’re planning to host a house party, remember these secret ingredients. People will be talking about your party for months!

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