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January 25, 2014 • Current Affairs, Domestic Goddess, Gardening, Random, Reader's Corner, Share your essays, Success stories, Your pics

Hey y’all!

Happy New Year if you are just finding out about us now.

We are so excited that you have been connecting with us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, Tumblr…. Everywhere we are on the internet!

We love the energy you are sending us and believe us it keeps us going.

Today we have 297 subscribers to the site:

Screen shot 2014-01-25 at 15.13.13


A big thank you to all of you who are subscribed to our site and are enjoying the posts we put out already. So far we are just focussing on relationships and handy nutritional tips for you and your loved ones.

But we are now going to do some filming for our ‘Agony Aunt’ section so you can find that on Youtube in the next few days. All fun times!!!!


But this post is for one thing and one thing only…

We need your help.



This will take you all of 10 seconds.


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We have updates going up on different sites, but this site is the home of all of those updates. So really the best way to keep up to date with all the videos, blog posts, pictures, tweets, shares etc is to just come here to the main hub.

Thanks for the love!

The team at The Power of Woman x

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