Get Wordy With Me #4

July 21, 2014 • In search of self

This week’s edition: Lauren’s Favorite Words (or some of them)

1) STENTORIAN (adj.)

What it means: Extremely loud and powerful

Example 1: The preacher’s stentorian voice was impossible to ignore–whenever he gave the sermon, no parishioner was able to fall asleep, for his loud delivery demanded attention.

Example 2: The new mascot soon discovered his voice was a bit too stentorian for the job because it made children cry. He had to continually remind himself to speak quietly, lest he be faced with another screaming baby.

2) SPLENETIC (adj.)

What it means: bad-tempered, irritable

Example 1: My boss gets angry at one of our coworker’s perpetually acerbic and churlish attitude, but she’s just as splenetic as he is.

Example 2: My little brother is known for being extremely splenetic in the morning–it can take him hours to wake up and stop acting grumpy and belligerent.

3) PERFIDY (noun)

What it means: intentional breach of faith, treachery.

Example 1: PERFIDY! You are the Benedict Arnold of junk food!” I cried, as I walked into the house to discover my boyfriend eating the gummies he had sworn not to eat.

4) LIBERTINE (noun)

What it means: someone unrestrained by morality or convention or leading a dissolute life

Example 1: Sometimes I wish I could live as a libertine does, but whenever I actually try, I always hear my mother’s chiding, judgmental, disappointed voice in my head. I guess I’m just not made for a life of debauchery and lax morality. It’s a shame, because it looks like fun.

Example 2: That said, my puritanical mother thought me libertine when I got my tongue pierced, so she may not be the best judge of what is actual serious immorality.

5) EFFLUVIUM (noun)

What it means: escaping gas, noxious vapors

Example 1: The effluvium we smelled when my uncle opened the bathroom door made us all vacant the room and swear to not step foot in it for at least an hour or two. The stench would have knocked out a troll.

Example 2: My boyfriend is a fan of passing gas under the covers, then slowly raising them up so that the effluvium hits me all in the face at once.

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