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Eva Fraser’s Facial Workout – give yourself a natural face lift today

September 23, 2013 • Book Club

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A few months back I purchased this book so I could test out the eye exercises.

Now, the rest of my skin and my body are pretty decent. I don’t suffer much from cellulite, I exercise regularly so my body is not overly saggy. I could be better, but I could also be a whole lot worse.

The reason I got this book though was because my family is quite prone to what I call the ‘hoodie’ look. You know when your eyes go baggy and you end up having to do a workout every time  you try to open your eyes. Kinda like Droopy. Not sexy…

That was the only reason I got the book.

I managed to get it while it was on sale as well so that was like a super bonus!

This book literally changed the way I look at my face and all the different muscles. Of course when you get a book like this you want to try just every single exercise like straightaway. But be warned! This is not a walk in the park. It’s also not the newest book out there, but in my opinion it beats the competition hands down. This book was published in 1991. And before I got it I had asked around and her name kept coming up. If you google her and see her pictures you will understand why so many women use this book as a go-to for giving yourself a natural facelift. Eva Fraser is a walking testimony to how well this programme works. She started doing the facial exercises at 55 years old. Check out an interview she did when she was 82 in 2010. 82!!!!!!

I was in love with it. But I will tell you it is tough! I dedicated 10 minutes a day to a variety of exercises just to see how they would feel. Some of them felt a little bit silly trying them out – didn’t help that I was in front of a mirror too as I did them. But I did a few basic workouts and then did a few of the intermediate exercises. There is also a section that gives you programmes that you can follow. You really do feel a difference just as you do even the awareness exercises. This is basically where you do simple movements or self-massage/stimulation of areas so you are aware of the different muscles you will be working.

Personally I would think this book is a must-have for the following reasons:

– before your face starts to show signs of ageing it’s a good idea to get into the routine of doing facial exercises as a preventative measure.

– if you have started to notice signs of ageing these exercises can turn back the clock (much cheaper than plastic surgery)

– if you have had an event that resulted in loss of tone of facial muscle these exercises can help.

– it’s really not just about facial exercises. Eva also has a section on hair and makeup. She also has a pretty useful bit on diet and exercise, as well as explaining why skin ages and how you can develop healthy lifestyle that ties in keeping your skin taut and hydrated.

There is no excuse for getting those lines and wrinkles on your face and a jowly neck. Try this book for yourself… It doesn’t cost the earth….


Check out this review from Amazon
This review is from: Eva Fraser’s Facial Workout (Penguin Health Care & Fitness) (Paperback)

I have worked hard to keep my body slim and trim. My body does not look my age at all. However, my face looked about 15 years older because I lost about 20 lbs. and my face looked saggy. I was quite dismayed with the appearance of my face, as I looked like I had suddenly aged when I lost the weight. I never liked the idea of plastic surgery…or any type of surgery for that matter, but because my jowls were saggy and I had marionette lines, I was feeling tempted!

I stumbled across Suzanne Summer’s micro-current device while shopping for collagen stimulating cream and was thrilled to see that there was something out there that could help! I did a lot of research and saw that this device was not the answer. As I read skin care forums, I read posts about facial exercises. Wow! Could there be something all natural out there that could really work?

So, I researched extensively about facial exercises and watched many youtube videos by the various facial exercise gurus. I saw Eva and was shocked that she looked so young in her 80s!! So, I decided to try Eva’s book, as it was a minimal expense.

When I received the book, I was surprised that it was a small size. The drawings looked out-dated and it looked like it would be complicated to try to decipher what was being said, since I do not like to read directions. I am a visual person so I do much better with videos than with written instructions. So I did not bother with the book for about a week. One night, I thought that I would try reading it to see if I could follow it. I found that the instructions were pretty clear. I thought, “What do I have to lose? I will give it a few weeks.”

After a few of weeks, I could see a difference! Wow!! This really works!! That encouraged me to continue! My face was beginning to catch up with my body!! How exciting it was, to be on the road to regaining a more youthful face!! I do not look 30 yet…but I have lost about 5 years off my face after only a couple of months! So, I am really excited about continuing to turn back the clock on my face!!

However, I still had a longing for a visual experience, so I began shopping for a DVD. Carole Maggio’s name kept popping up, so I decided to order her DVD. Well, I was surprised when I viewed it, as it only had 7 muscular exercises and the rest of the 12 were imaginary….visualizing. I could see immediately that it was not for me!

Eva’s book is full of exercises, all of them muscular. There are beginner’s routines, intermediate, and advanced. There is also massage and tapping, body exercises, diet, makeup etc. She really gets into the total lifestyle.

I am starting to do the advanced exercises now, but just to make sure that I was doing them correctly, I went ahead and ordered the DVD from Amazon UK. I have not received it yet.

After watching all the other facial exercise gurus, Eva has become my favorite!! She is the original one, and I feel that everyone has done spin-offs on her methods! I will continue with the exercises and I hope to look as good as she does when I get to be her age!!

So….the moral of the story is….do not judge a book by its age or its presentation! Our bodies have not changed, and what worked 20 years ago, will still work today!

BTW….I saw an article that mentioned that Madonna had gone to Eva for facial exercise training and that is why she looks so young. I say….if its good enough for the celebrities….it is worth giving it a go!

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