Drawing the Red Line

August 30, 2014 • Dating and Relationships

Many of us press the brake of our cars when we see the traffic light change from amber to red. We also have a similar response when we approach a stop sign. Red, in these contexts, serves as a warning and compels us to stop. There are times in our lives when we have to draw a mental red line to prevent ourselves from heading down the wrong roads. Based on my experiences, there are some things I know I definitely should have applied the brakes to. The following are some scenarios that I hope will get you thinking about where you need to draw your own mental red lines.

He Stops Calling
When a man tells you that he’s not interested in a relationship then there really is very little that you can do to change his mind. You may think about him every day, but resist the urge to call him. Let him call you. If he doesn’t then it’s time to draw a strong red line and never head back down that road.

You Feel Yourself Getting Angry
Anger causes us to act in ways that we ultimately regret. People with different temperaments react to anger differently. An introvert will bottle his or her anger and probably vent via status updates on social media. An extrovert is more likely to react verbally. Both responses can have negative consequences. So, when you feel yourself getting angry, draw the red line.

You Start Having Consistent Negative Thoughts
It is very rare to find a person who is genuinely happy all the time. We all experience struggles and have moments of sadness and hurt. However, when those feelings begin to overwhelm us we are starting to head on a road that leads to depression. Press the brakes and draw that red line. Think about what you can do to change your circumstances. If you can’t change your circumstances then change your outlook.

You Are Getting Intimate With the Wrong Person
Loneliness is a disease. It engulfs us like a monster and lures us towards people we could really do without. You may be blinded by love, but I want to compel you to look at your relationship objectively. Does this man help you to grow? Does he treat you with respect? Does he demonstrate his love to you? Is he faithful to you? Is he hard working and motivated? If your answer is no to any of these questions then it’s time to draw the red line on that relationship. It isn’t worth wasting months or years of your life with someone who isn’t right for you.

So is it time for you to draw the red line on any area of your life? Take some time to think about it and make the necessary changes.

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