Do I Need Your Validation?

August 1, 2014 • Dating and Relationships

Let’s be honest. Many of us get into relationships we know aren’t right for us because we want to feel validated. We want someone to tell us that we’re pretty enough, smart enough, loyal enough and pleasing enough to make him happy. Just stop for a minute and ask yourself this question, “Do I really need his validation?” You see the truth of the matter is if you can’t see these things yourself then there is no one on this earth who can help you to see them. You will therefore end up moving from one relationship to another in search of something that is already within you. I hope that the words of this poem I wrote will help you to find your inner beauty and strength.


Do I really need your validation

To make me realize that I am the pearl of the earth,

The song in the wind, beautiful from birth?

Do I need you to whisper sweet words in my ears

To let me know that I am sweeter than honey

And more tantalizing than the finest wine?

How can your words mean anything

When your objective is the same-

Say what I want to hear so you can take what you haven’t earned?

You see, I know that I am a strong and powerful woman,

I know that I am intelligent, witty, charming, beautiful

And a woman who deserves much more than you can give.

But, I am afraid.

Afraid to admit my own power.

Afraid to stand tall and strut my stuff

Afraid to claim true love.

So, you feed that fear.

Tell me nice things, kiss my lips, caress my hips.

Knowing that I hang on your every word.

Stop! Your words won’t suck me in anymore!

I’ll close my eyes and see my inner beauty

And let it shine brighter than the sun

I will let it burst forth and bless the earth

And I know that one day I will find the one.

The one who will tap into my power

And make me a better woman

Stronger, wiser, and even more radiant

The one who will love more than what is between my legs

The one who will embrace my strengths and flaws

And help me to grow

The one who helps me to see that your validation is not what I need.

Christine is both a blogger and an author who has a passion for inspiring others. She is the author of “Becoming the Best You-Ten Pressure Points that Lead to a Successful Life” that is available on Amazon, the iBookstore, and You can visit her blog at this link

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