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Share your pictures

Do you have a picture that makes you smile? Or makes you cry? It could even be a picture that reminds you of something or someone important: your first car, graduation, someone special. Whatever that picture is we want to share it with our community and readers.

Send it to us on

Subject Heading: Share your pictures

And write something about the picture and why it  is special to you.

*NB* images will also be published to our Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Flickr feeds. Only send images that you are happy to share on these sites. We reserve the right to reject any inappropriate images.


Share your real life story

We are always interested in hearing about your real life experiences. Sometimes talking helps, and if you just want to get it off your chest and share your experience with someone else who might be walking the path you walked/are walking then we encourage you to do so. All stories will be published to the site on the Readers Corner. If you do not wish to have certain identifying aspects of the story revealed then we can discuss this at the time you contact us and we will endeavour to keep those from the story.

Just email

Subject Heading: Real Life Story


Share your success story

Have you done something that amazed you and you are proud of? It could have been running the marathon, learning a new language, learning how to cook! Whatever it is we want to hear about it!

Share your story in the Readers Corner today by emailing

Subject Heading: Share your success story

Please send us  pictures if it helps to tell your story.



Share your essays          

We love to share information here. One of our readers suggested this category and we LOVE it! No more banishing your college or University essays to the virtual dust of your memory sticks. If you wrote an assignment/essay that you were particularly pleased with and you think it could help someone else then send it along to us and we will post it to the Readers Corner.

Just remember though that we will not post up the essay unless we have your written permission to do so by email. If it comes to our knowledge that the essay you submitted is not your intellectual property or is plagiarised we also reserve the right to remove it from the site.

To submit your article please email

Subject Heading: Share your Essays


Share a book review with us

Have you read a book that you just wish the world knew about? Well, now they can. Just write a few words about your favourite book (s) and send it along to us to post in our Book Club.

Don’t forget to look at an example post to see what we are looking for.

We will need the book’s name and author and preferably a link to where we can find it online.

You can also rate your book from 1% to 100% and we will add that in your review too.

And don’t forget, you can also send us a picture of you with your book and we’ll be sure to add that to the review too.


Subject Heading: Share a book review


Share your recipes with us

Calling all our secret master chefs! Do you have a hidden passion for cooking? Or are you a hurricane in the kitchen? Whether it’s a scrumptious intricate meal, a twenty minute wonder, or a season treat, now you can share your secret (and not so secret) recipes with us and the world.

Send us your recipes along with pictures of your dishes and inspire someone to venture into the kitchen today.

Email your recipes and pictures to

Subject Heading: Share your recipes

*NB* If you are using a recipe that you got from a cookbook please share the book’s details so we can let our readers know. It also helps give credit to the book’s owner. And puts a smile in more than just our tummies.


Send us your articles

Do you have an article that you have written and want to share with us? For your chance to be published on this site send us an email to

Subject Heading: Send us your articles

We will publish only original content that does not infringe on anyone’s copyright and is not plagiarised. If we find plagiarised content or content that is not your copyright then we reserve the right to remove it from the site.


Become an author

If you want to become an author on our team then please send your enquiry with a brief overview of why you feel you could be an asset to the team to

Subject Heading: Author Application


Ask our agony aunt a question

Do you need to talk about your relationship problems? Maybe you aren’t even in a relationship and that is making you worry? Send a brief outline of your story to our agony aunt by emailing

Subject Heading: Agony Aunt

Depending on the volume of enquiries it might not be possible to answer all questions. Please allow for this eventuality. The Agony Aunt feature is not run by qualified counsellors or therapists, and is intended as a peer support service only. If you have an urgent or pressing matter that requires professional attention then it is advisable you contact your Doctor, a licensed professional, or a charity as is applicable to your needs. Some of the links on our Resources page might help. If not, please seek support immediately via your directory enquiry service local to you. Don’t hold it in. Your safety and sanity are far more important than pretending to keep it together.



Ask Dr Easmon a question

The Doctor will see you now!

Our ‘resident’ Doc, Doctor Easmon is here to talk to you about your health concerns. You can find out more about him by following this link.

It will not always be possible to answer all enquiries. If your enquiry is of an urgent matter then please contact a Doctor local to you. All enquiries and responses will be posted to the site, so only send questions you do not mind seeing publicly shared. We will not share your personal information that will identify you, but the nature of your medical enquiry will be posted to the site.

*NB* Doctor Easmon can only give you an expert opinion based on the nature of the information you provide him. This cannot replace a physical medical examination or take into account any pre-existing medical conditions or medical history that might affect your concern. It is your responsibility to be vigilant about your health and seek a medical examination if you have a serious cause for concern.


Subject Heading: Ask Dr Easmon

to ask the Doctor your question today.



Contact the Editor

Our Editor is Tatenda Sithole. Please direct any enquiries not addressed in the categories above to her. You may email her on

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