Composition (Photo Workshop) by Blue Fier

September 26, 2013 • Book Club

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Composition (Photo Workshop)

By Blue Fier

Book Review



Why I bought this book

I got a Nikon D300 in 2008 so I could learn a little bit about taking pictures. It’s 2013 and I’m still learning by the way.

Conversations with some of my photographer friends had highlighted that I needed to buy a book on composition and start from there. I knew nothing about photography so everything was a complete unknown. And my camera was really daunting so anything to make my learning experience easier was most welcome.

What I liked

The book is not just about composition. I have read chapters 1, 2, 3, and 5 because that is where I have been with my amateur attempts at photography. I also do a lot of self-photography so knowing how to set up the scene is very important to me.

But certain things like how we view images such as scanning for key features before paying closer attention to detail was something I was unaware of. Also learning to mentally split a scene into nine so that each box has something to capture the eye is something I now use quite regularly.

Especially because it was all so new to me this book was great because it was pretty easy to understand. The images helped further illustrate the points. With the lighting especially it’s worthwhile trying out some of the settings on images a few times and seeing how they work.

What I didn’t like

I guess if you are looking for a book that deals specifically with composition and nothing else you might feel a bit cheated especially with some of the chapters such as how to pack your camera bag, and how to back up your data and manage files etc.

But if you are a newbie like me and want a book that is easy to follow and helps you feel more confident with the basics then this is definitely a good overall start. I do subscribe to photography magazines and I find sometimes they get a bit too wordy for my liking. But this book is basic enough that you can understand it even as a beginner.

Overall it is a worthwhile buy for the beginner at least.

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