Are you choking your man? Signs that you are being possessive

October 31, 2013 • Dating and Relationships


Are you choking your man? Signs that you are being possessive

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In a relationship there can be all kinds of problems. Neglect, communication, sex, you name them. This article will discuss about one amongst those countless issues that happen throughout the course of a relationship: over-possessiveness. When we are really in love with a male figure, we are likely to be caring, affectionate, even protective of him. It is a natural tendency that we have developed subconsciously. Nevertheless, a few people take it too far. And it is a rule in this world that an excessive amount of anything is not a good sign. Sometimes we give too much attention which may smother our partner. Check out these signs to see if you are choking your man.



We all have that integrated curiosity part in ourselves. It is normal to want to know what your man is doing or how he is doing at work. We usually ask our mate these questions and he would feel that you are not devoted if you don’t bother asking how he is doing. An over-possessive girlfriend would ask more questions about his personal life and at a higher frequency. She would demand he answer with as much detail as possible. A swarm of questions everyday would scare your man and as a natural reflex he would back off a bit, which make the girlfriend think that he avoids answering her because he is trying to hide some secrets. If that situation happens and you find yourself going through all his contacts and social networks account afterwards to check for the people that he interacts with like an FBI agent hunting down a target, then you should know that you have gone too far.


The Dictator

You control almost every little single aspect of his day. You go through his personal belongings to check for evidence. You also check his phone and constantly browse through his text messages, call logs and emails. You choose for him what to wear and force him to use the cologne that you like. You only let him hang out with people that you like. You don’t allow him to go out without you. If you find yourself doing these, then you are over-possessive of your boyfriend or husband.



Do you get angry at him for trivial issues? Do you feel that you care for him so much but your attention is not being valued? Do you feel insecure about him not loving you so you start to accuse him of all kinds of things in the world from spending too much time with his friends, having an infidelity with the female colleagues to even of talking too long on the phone with his mother? If this description sounds familiar to you then you are having an unhealthy relationship.


Fake emergencies

Whenever you feel that he is pulling away from you, you fake an emergency to make him get back to you. Pretending to be sick is a common way. Some girls even take it to the extreme by actually harming themselves to make their lovers feel sorry and guilty for withdrawing from them.
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If these cases apply to you, then it is time that you slow down unless you want your possessive nature to ruin your relationship. There is a thin line between being caring and being over-possessive and this border depends hugely on both partners in the relationship. Talk and communicate with your boyfriend to find out where to draw the line and how to fix it if you, by any chance, have gone over the boundary. Don’t forget to re-evaluate and tune yourself down before your erratic behaviours suffocate your mate and cause you to lose the one you love the most.



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