Are You a Strong Woman?

September 6, 2014 • In search of self

Have you ever watched a body building competition? Each contestant tries to outdo the other by lifting more and more weights.  The stronger the person is, the more weight he or she is able to lift. Being a strong woman has nothing to do with physical strength.  However, in a figurative sense it encompasses a woman’s ability to manage the weight she carries. Strength symbolizes quality of character. So, how do you know that you are a strong woman?

No Man Owns You

Yesterday at work some of my colleagues were discussing how often women are killed by their spouses over domestic disputes. A story was mentioned of a woman who had a boyfriend who was a soldier. He paid for her tuition and bought and furnished her apartment. One day, this woman decided to leave the relationship. That was her biggest mistake. The man took everything out of the apartment and burnt it. He even attempted to kill her.

Not everyone experiences such drastic situations. However, the point must be made that a woman who depends on a man for everything becomes that man’s property. A strong woman is able to handle her own shit (pardon my expression). She takes out a loan to finance her education if she has to, finds a job, earns her own money, rents her own apartment, and is able to support herself financially. Such a woman is able to contribute more to a marriage and have an even greater say in the relationship because of the contribution she makes.

I am not negating the fact that when the couple begins having children the wife may become a stay-at-home mother. However, the man knows what the woman can do and the sacrifice she is making to help raise their children. This knowledge increases his respect for her.

You Are Happy With Who You Are

Everyone has insecurities. However, there are some women who make their insecurities shroud their judgment.  A strong woman is able to look in the mirror at least 90% of the time and love what she sees. She doesn’t compare herself to others and is always strengthening her talents and skills. She also tends to be more assertive and therefore climbs the corporate ladder more quickly than the average woman.

Women with too much insecurity tend to make bad decisions when it comes to relationships. They will get into relationships with men who they think can make them feel more secure about who they are.  No man can help you to love yourself if you don’t love yourself. That has to come from you. So, these women quickly become disappointed when the person they have chosen to be with isn’t able to help them feel better about themselves.

You Are a Better Person Because of Your Past

Some women have been through quite a lot. From abuse to poverty to lack of a father figure, these women know what hurt, pain, and neglect feel like. However, they don’t let their circumstances define who they are. Instead, they allow their circumstances to challenge them to be better people. Each experience in life is a learning experience. When a woman is able to view life that way she doesn’t become a complainer. She becomes a life-changer.


No one becomes a strong woman overnight. It takes years of going through various experiences to develop that inner strength. Do you think that you are at the stage in your life now where you can say that you are a strong woman?


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