All the Single Ladies say “Hey!!!”

February 2, 2014 • Dating and Relationships

All the Single Ladies say “Hey!!!”
Author: Christine McLean
Your eyes scan the dimly lit restaurant and rest on a handsome, perfectly chiseled man sitting by the bar. His eyes meet yours and you run your tongue over your lips trying to look as sexy as possible. He smiles and you know that you want him to be yours. Suddenly, you see a tall and gorgeous woman walk over to him and kiss him passionately on his lips. You feel your face getting red from embarrassment and you begin to wallow in self-pity. “When will I ever get a man and when will I ever be able to have what they have?” you ask yourself.
Being single is both a blessing and a curse. At times it seems as though your senses are heightened and you notice all the couples around you who seem to be enjoying companionship and bliss. You focus so much on how things appear that you neglect to understand the value of what you have as a single woman.
This may seem to be the most obvious point but it is the most important. Freedom leads to discovery. Think about the slaves who were set free from captivity over a hundred years ago. Their newfound freedom took them to new frontiers as they began to gain an education and were seen as equal to people of all races. Use your period of singleness as an opportunity to embark on new adventures and discover more about yourself and your abilities. When you are better able to understand yourself, you are able to bring more value to a relationship. Focus on developing you so that when you enter a relationship you are better able to share who you are with someone else.

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Creating Independence
As a woman it is critical for you to have your independence. So many women are looking for relationships so that their spouses can take care of them financially. With the unpredictability of life, it is unwise for a woman to have this mentality since sudden death, illness or divorce can result in her being left to stand on her own two feet. Consequently, a woman should ensure that she has a good education and/or the right skills to get her a job in which she can earn money that she can survive on. Being single allows a woman to have more opportunities to do this since she is better able to focus on her career and attain the education she needs for career advancement.

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Instills Patience
Now there are some women who truly know and understand who they are and are highly independent but still don’t have a partner. Patience is the message that these women need to hear. A relationship is a serious commitment and most women enter relationships hoping for marriage which is an even bigger commitment. As a result, a strong and independent woman needs to ensure that she has the right man. Not a perfect man but the right man. She needs a man who shares her values and will own up to his responsibilities. She needs a man who will love her unconditionally and be faithful to her. She has no time for time wasters. For this woman, the right man is coming so she only needs to be patient. It must be pointed out that some strong and independent women are afraid that a relationship will cause them to lose their independence and, as a result, they turn away from men who may just be the right fit for them. Ensure that you understand the difference between perfection and the right fit. A perfect man does not exist but the man who is the right fit for you does.

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Don’t be ashamed of being a single lady. Embrace it. This is your time to discover yourself, develop your independence, and ensure that you get the type of man you deserve.

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