A Practical Guide for Handling an Abusive A**hole – Week Three

March 23, 2014 • Dating and Relationships

Author: Lauren Kelli

The Importance of Being Tech Savvy

When you’re ready to seek help and leave, there are a plethora of people and resources readily available. Such is the wonder of the internet—you have a treasure trove of information available and that’s an awesome thing. Leaving isn’t easy, you will likely need help and the net is a great place to start. However, technology also brings with it a set of problems, namely, security. Internet, email, cell phones, instant messaging, and GPS all make it insanely easy to keep tabs on your activities, what you’re searching for, who you’re talking to, and ultimately, what your plans are. This is all information that you DO NOT want your abuser to know and you must take steps to ensure that your secret is kept.

ê  Use a corded phone rather than a cordless or cell phone.

ê  Use a prepaid phone call or call collect.

ê  If possible, get your own secret cell phone.

ê  If looking for help online, DO NOT use your home computer. Use a friend’s or one at work, or go to the library, community center, or anywhere where there are public computers.

ê  Create new usernames and passwords for your email accounts and other sites that have sensitive information.

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