5 exercises to lower back pain (5) quadruped leg and hand raise

November 1, 2013 • Exercises

5 exercises to help lower back pain

Author: Menna Saeed

Fifth: Quadruped leg and hand raise
You’ll start this exercise with going down on your hands and knees with knees hips-width apart and arms shoulder-width apart. Start by raising your left leg and pointing out with your right hand. Hold it for 3 seconds and then return to the starting position. Do the same for the other leg and arms for 10 reps.

There are some precautions that I want you to keep in mind:
First: don’t lift a heavy object that your body is not accustomed to. When you do lift something lift it with knees bent.
Second: always remember to sit upright with your core engaged.
Third: sleep on your side with your knees bent.

Your body is precious, so keep a good eye on your body’s health and don’t neglect it because you’ll be sorry for not taking care of your body later. What goes around comes around, so if you treat your body like it’s disposable it will fall apart on you like it is disposable. Only you can’t replace it, so look after what you have now.

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